Oh hum….I am sick.  Man, I hate that but it is pretty much my own fault.  I guess the human body can only take so much.  Too much activity and not enough sleep is not a good combination.  So I have a sore throat to remind me to slow down.  After a great morning of baseball (Tyler’s team beat the first place team!) we came home and I pretty much slept the day away.  Pete went to the store to get the standard soup and orange juice.  Being a mom goes on so I keep on keepin’ on. 

Dsc_6903Today we decided to hit the movies and saw Spiderman 3.  We thought it was good but personally I did not think it matched up to the first two.  Too much emphasis on their relationship and I wanted more action.  I see chick-flicks for all that love stuff.  The kids had a good time.

I am doing some freelanceDsc_6906 Dsc_6908work for Inkadinkadoo which is fun.  I did these two cards and have one more project in the works.  Hard to feel creative when you are sick but gotta meet those deadlines.  But I kinda like the pressure. 

Now I am looking forward to the little break we get for Memorial Day.  After Monday we have a week off for baseball and then we wrap up the season.  I have lots going on being the Team Mom for both teams.  Luckily we spread those parties out a bit.  Also, all the year-end stuff at school is approaching for the kids.  In a few short weeks I will officially have two kindergartners and a fifth grader on my hands.  Wow!