Who gets sick this time of year?…….ME!  I had a miserable day.  This was one of those days where I woke up,showered and thought I could take on the day.  I thought wrong. I pretty much got Tyler off to school and I was back in bed.  What a drag.  I absolutely hate wasted days.  I literally sit there thinking of all the things I need to be doing but I guess I needed the rest.  I pretty much lost my voice (a blessing for many in my life and was so tired. The twins has the run of the house.  I did manage to get myself up to take them to an appointment to have their speech tested.  Looks like my "baby" Joey has a few letters to work on but they are right on target.  I got a kick out of watching each of them being tested.  Joey had no idea what a hanger was.  He had this blank look while Micky knew right what it was.  Goes to show you how often Joey uses hangers LOL

Tomorrow I hope to be back in the saddle because I am going along on theDsc_6910_2 twin’s field trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  That is not the place I want to be sick but I would not have them miss it for the world.   

This past weekend I completed some items for Inkadinkado managed to mail them today.  I made this gift box for them.  One more deadline behind me.  Tonight I force myself to go to bed early (another hard thing to do).