Summer vacation has started and a mere week ago I was excited to have the kids home, looking forward to sleeping in, tip-toeing through the tulips and dancing in the blue bonnets.  Yep, I had visions of grandeur and could not wait to have those beautiful little kidlets home with me every day.  Then Friday came and 12 minutes into our summer vacation reality set it….The signs of summer are here:

  1. The sounds of kids fighting constantly
  2. Repeatedly hearing "Mom, I am bored" and "Mom, there is nothing to do"
  3. The sound of Wii Rock Band Drums at 7 am!
  4. "Mom can we go swimming" and five minutes later they are out of the pool and I have 27 towels and 32 swim suits in the laundry.
  5. "Mom, Micky says I am stupid" which can be heard about 42 times per hour. Which brings on "Mom, Joey says my butt stinks".
  6. "Mom can I got to "So-and-so's House because their mom lets us….?"……."Can you drive me?" to which I secretly think "I will pack your bag kid" but refrain.
  7. "Mom, there is nothing to eat in this house".  You just ate lunch 4 minutes ago!
  8. "Mom, what time are swim lessons?", "What time are we leaving?", "Should I put on my swim suit?" which can be heard every 4-7 minutes in the hour prior to leaving for the lessons.
  9. "Mom, can we go to Denny's for Breakfast?"  which usually is followed with "we having nothing to eat."……this can be heard just about every morning at 6:30 am by three separate kids.
  10. Oh and my favorite…………tripping over every Nerf gun bullet and hand grenade they have thrown throughout the house at 7 am!

My lovely little kidlets are home and it was a mere one day after school let out that we were walking through Michael's Craft Store (as this brilliant mom figured $50 in crafts would keep them busy the whole summer……..HA!) and I could be heard saying "So this is the first day of how many months of summer vacation?"  To which about 20 moms with the same distressed look on their faces smirked with agreement.  I need to find those blue bonnets so I can dance through them.