My final day teaching in Colorado was one I will not soon forget.  I had another two great classes!  We have covered so much in the past couple days I wanted to keep it fresh and fun for everyone!  Here are their final projects….


what a great group of ladies….


Class #5 was an additional mixed media card class….



All too soon (but very tired) it was time to pack it all up…………..I captured the fun of the day in this slide show for all…..

Sunday I made my way home but not before taking in my last few images of Colorado and the amazing mountains.


Thank you so much to Cathy and Staff and mostly to EVERYONE who joined me this weekend. Thanks to DecoArt, Inc. and Canson as well!  Great news is I will be back in 2017!

Your life isn’t just about the things you do – it’s also about the open space between the things.  That means the space itself is something to be appreciated as well.  So, for example, if you spend your morning meditating and reading, the morning isn’t just valuable because of the meditation and reading – the space around those two activities is also incredible.  The time spent walking over to your meditation mat, or finding your book, or turning the pages, or pouring a cup of tea, or sitting and watching the sunrise… these little open spaces are just as important as anything else.  Pace yourself so you’re not hurrying from one thing to the next, but instead noticing and appreciating the spaces in between, too.”