Yesterday I laid down after dinner to read and relax at about 7 pm.  The next thing I know the twins were waking me up at 7:30 am!  I could not even remember what I did last night, nor do I remember any of the kids kissing me good-night.  I literally woke up this morning on top of the covers.  That was 12 sound hours of sleep!  I guess I needed it.  Future_hero

Today I signed up Micky for gymnastics so she is excited to start that.  I went to sign up the boys for winter baseball however after a discussion with Tyler he decided he just wanted some time off.  Who could blame him.  He has gone from one sport to another so I totally understood.  No point pushing him so we discussed it and all three kids will sign up for the regular season.  That should be fun. 

Tonight I have plans to scrapbook with two friends.  I cannot wait to get back at it with my girls.  I did finish this layout the other day and loved the outcome.