Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing a very special family.  I drove up to the picturesque Pine Hills Lodge and had the best baackdrop. 
The men were not that pleased to smile pretty for the camera but they all loosened up.  After that I headed back to meet the twin’s at their first t-ball practice.  Baseball season is once again upon us and I am happy to be the team mom for both teams.  I may be a bit twisted but I do love doing that job.

After that Pete and I headed up to Los Angeles for my friend’s 4*th birthday dinner (I am glad I am not aging as fast as everyone else).  They had a dinner party at Holdren’s in Newbury Park and it was such a good restaurant.  Yummy with a capital "Y".  The highlight of my dinner was my dessert (of course, when is it not?).  I ordered the s’mores.  Who orders a campfire dessert at a fancy steak & seafood restaurant?  Me of course!  I just had to get it because it promised to be like being at a campfire.  The moment that tray came to my table I was so bummed I did not have my camera on me.  It was this lazy susan filled with marshmellows on skewers, chocolate, graham crackers and the coolest thing was the fire reservoir in the middle!  Trusting me with marshmellows and an open flame can be dangerous but I maintained and made the most delicious s’mores. 

Pete and I enjoyed an evening together with no kiddos which was great!  However, we did race home today to see them all. It was wonderful to celebrate Melissa’s birthday with her.  I am officially inviting her to celebrate mine (in a couple of years LOL). It was another rainy Sunday so we took in the Super Bowl with my parents and the kids.  I love these lazy days. 

I leave next weekend for The Crafter’s Super Bowl…..CHA Winter so it will be a busy week getting ready. It takes more time to get ready and plan everything for the kids than it does to be gone.  If you will be there please stop by the Helmar booth or call my cell to hook up.