Yep, it's true!  This weekend they had been predicting snow even at our house and the kids were waiting and waiting.  Last night on either side of us it seemed it snowed but at our house it was just slush falling from the sky.  So the twins went to bed at 10:30 very disappointed.  Today we woke up and I decided that we needed to see that snow (when you grow up in Michigan that loses it's spark but seeing your kids enjoy it is another story)

The snow capped mountains surround us……..
There were snow balls thrown…
Snow Angels flying….
Snowman building……
Most important…….lots of smiles
I loved sharing this with them!

So this Midwest girl had her fill of snow and is ready for beach weather now!  Bring on the sun and sand please!


P.S.  Back to my Creative Journal this week!  I even finished my watercolor Gratitude Journal!


"Having children makes you realize how quickly time does pass.  Every moment with your children or lived ones must be savored and never taken for granted." ~ Rita Wilson