Well, I know I have been scarce lately but I have been knee deep in new projects that I mentioned.  The first one is my new official company.  Yep, I am official…

This is a labor of love with thought going into each and every item.  First off, is my new company name and logo.  I wanted a blend of my art studio and my photography studio.  Many thanks go out to all who made this possible. 

Second, is the launch of my new website.  I have spent many sleepless nights trying to tweak and perfect (which it will never be) my new Internet home.  So here it is:



Please bookmark this new site as you can access my blog direct from this page.  Speaking of my blog, that got a face-lift too.   I want to pay special thanks to Kelly of Lotophoto who is an incredible friend, confidant and PHOTOGRAPHER!  She came over to photograph me and capture me at my "best" (which is no easy under-taking).  Thank you Kelly!  You inspire me in ways you will never know!

Last but not least………to my family and friends who raise me up every day.  I owe you thanks because there was many a time I looked like death warmed over from lack of sleep and lots of kid car-pooling that helped me out.  Also, when I needed an opinion or a boost of confidence to make the leap you were there.  I am blessed with the best friends and family.

Well, that is only part of the cat being let out of the bag……..as I have said, I have also been working on a project that I am very proud of.    If you read my website carefully you will know my next secret.  Please leave a comment if you figure it out!   Stay tuned……………