Wow, I cannot tell you how grateful I feel of late for those around me and those who are sharing my passion for painting.  The emails and messages I have received lately have inspired me beyond belief which is an awesome feeling. 

Here is my latest page that I created LIVE and yet again love where WE all went with this page!


  • Stamps: Unity
  • Silver Embossing Powder
  • Indian Ink: Winsor Newton
  • Adhesive: Helmar 450 Quick Dry
  • Ink: Daler Rowney
  • Stamp Pads: Stayz On & Marvy Heritage
  • Pen & Gelatos: Faber Castell

This was a fun page and I received so many emails and pages you SHARED! Seriously that is the best part of doing this!

Renee worked on hers right along when we were LIVE and emailed it to me at the completion: "Hey Tracy….I wanted to show you once again how you inspired me.  It looks nicer in person and the big butterfly has beads for the antlers.  I am going to try and take another photograph when I get time, need a better shot.  Then I will blog it!  I love it and it has made me happy today.  A butterfly really did fly by me just before the show and I thought about my gorgeous nanna.  So that was what my page was about..what a fantastic night" ~Renee A.


And Cindi's Page "fabulous class, you jump started my creative side and I couldn't wait to make a page. thanks for all the fun and inspiration :)" ~Cindi H.


this one from Angie: "here's my latest after monday.  i didn't finish before i went to bed so i got up early tuesday morning to finish.  so unlike me!!   i even broke out the silver embossing powder…outside of my comfort zone of clear!!" ~Angie


and this one from Andy:"Tracy, Here you go!  I had so much fun with this page after I got through agonizing and fixing things I messed up.  ha!  It's so much fun to try some of the techniques that you show in my art journal when I probably wouldn't attempt it in a scrapbook etc.  I can actually say I'm happy with this page.  Oh, and when my son's girlfriend saw it……..she is so ready to try this.  :-)Thanks again!!!!" ~Andy


Every project is so different yet inspired by one piece!  I love that! 

Comments following the class like these just made my night more than you will ever know:

Cindi wrote: "fabulous class!! my mind is swimming in inspiration :)"

Tanya wrote: "LOVEd it!! my lil mind is over flowing with inspiration from this class!!!!"

Paula wrote: "absolutely inspired by you Tracey. Can't wait to actually get a project done."

Janet wrote: "Nice show Tracy…the colors and sparkle were perfect. I don't know why my computer does not like streaming video and goes way slow…I can type and it shows up finally…had to leave as everything on the computer froze up…sorry! Great show."

Vanessa wrote: "Beautiful art Tracy! I've gotta get busy creating in My art journal!!! Can't wait! Thanks for the inspiration!!! :D"

Lillian wrote: "That makes TWO ustreams in a row I've missed and my creative Tracy mojo is suffering big time! But I did just watch the video and what a delightful page you created! I've got some gelatos and will be playing with them soon."

Eddyth wrote: "Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos, you're a great teacher. (you also made me stay up til after 1am to finish this lol)"

Michelle wrote: "Just spent the last hour with the wonderful Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos getting totally inspired… (Glad you went with the teal sweets… looked amazing!!!)"

Don't forget I am LIVE again Thursday night 6:00 PM on twStudios Ustream Channel:


 Make sure to keep those projects coming!


"Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless." ~Jamie Paolinetti

I love that what I am so passionate about is some way influences others to create and feel great!  and it comes back to me ten-fold!  Hope everyone has an awesome Wednesday!