I was asked the question last night…….

I gotta ask im sorry but do you paint anything else besides flowers?”

My immediate response was…..

I have, I do, I try and always try to grow. Depends on my mood. But know what I love”

But I really had to think about that one……..yes, lots of flowers, bright colors, doodles.  Sometimes in my own mind it is all the same.  I have done houses, hearts, words, tons of flowers, and more.  I come back to the flower…my “safe place”.  They are how I feel at times, they reflect trying something new.  I am ever evolving and learning.  Sometimes I do feel stuck.  I wish a landscape would fall out of my paint brush.  I am ever learning from my fellow artists, collaborations and seeking to be a better artist.

I do a one hour LIVE show on the internet with no practice (Mixed Media Monday), limited video equipment and it is just raw me.  Sometimes you see the kids come in for lunch money, coming in from sports, my teens home, the chaos.  Most Monday’s minutes before the show I am scrambling to get dinner there, the trash out, etc …..it is LIFE (heck, sometimes I have left the camera on and you HEARD IT!).  Life sometimes gets in the way of art.  I try to reserve that 1-2 hours for my art.  Now Mixed Media Monday for me is about the takeaway.  Yes, maybe it was about doing another flower (because quite honestly those are doable in an hour) but it is about taking away something from each Monday.  This Monday it was about painting the entire background black and seeing where it took us….


the week before it was about adding black hearts and blending colors for a fun background…

DarkHeart1The week before it was about the doodle frame and some flower pods I have no idea if they even exist!

Seuss2For me it is about encouraging you to face that canvas, mixed media paper, your art journal, etc. the same way I do every Monday……..without fear (even though every Monday I have that fear).  Although I have that fear I have to suppress it, ignore it and tell it to go away.  AND…getting you to use all those art supplies you buy and later tell me you don’t use…USE THEM!!!  We cannot take them with us!  Heck I have no room to take all mine!   It is about keeping it real without edits and engaging with everyone!  It is not about the flowers.  Will I ever stretch myself and do they get old?  Yes they do.  I use my safe haven of a new canvas, my art journal to expand and ever-grow.  The great thing about flowers is there are SOoooooooooooooo many varieties They express how I feel.  I have even yet to tackle..

Daffodil flowers_Circles Tulip

I have little to no time in my art journal but it reminds me to keep stretching and growing now matter what my subject is.  Me, my art, and heck…us for that matter are not for everyone.  It is the takeaway and what you can learn from that subject, technique and maybe the community you find in art.

I thank you for the question, for making me dig deeper and thank you for saying:

Your flowers are beautiful!!”

My art is my passion and my career.  The balance of being teacher and student of it is something I love.  I love that it is my job! (and it helps I just love flowers too!)

What really matters in life is not what we have, but how we use it; not what we buy, but what we build; not what we own, but what we share with the world; not our capability, but our character; not our success, but our true significance.  Live a life that makes you proud – one that matters and makes a difference.

  • Your positivity will inspire the world today – let it ring loudly and frequently.
  • Your gratitude will give life its beauty today – express it.
  • Your efforts will make life richer today – be generous.
  • Your passion and love and curiosity will make a whole new set of experiences possible – open your heart and mind.

You are needed.  You are significant.  Whatever you do will matter immensely, going far beyond you and coming back in profound ways you can’t even imagine.  So always go above and beyond, especially for those who need you the most.”