Guess what I got from Carey Schumacher?  Actually I got two things…….a comment from her on my blog to my last post (we are so BFF’s) AND………….(drum roll please)…………her cold!  Yes, I am carrying around her germs and have a sore throat.  So maybe getting the Schumacher bug is not so glamorous.  She could of kept that.  I think she owes me for taking this bug from her.  Actually I think I can blame this on running myself down but there is no way this will get me down. 

In fact, I returned to the mountains yesterday and today (see what I mean about not letting this keep me down?).  Kelly and I returned to our Wednesday hikes.  I even had to chuck the camera on the back to try out my new skills.
_dsc3216 Outfit #1

So from short shorts to girly sun dress I then headed to the volunteer tea (which was actually punch instead of tea) party put on by the teachers.  It is a nice affair where I always look forward to the yummy desserts and fun to dress up for.  This year they served cheesecake.  Now I don’t want to sound ungrateful because there were plenty eating up that cheesecake but that is the one, single, sole dessert I do not like!  Cheese does not belong in a cake.  It belongs on a cracker, on a bagel or on a pizza.  It should not be a on graham cracker crust!  I still had fun! and the teachers put a nice slide show of all us volunteers. 
_dsc3226_copy Janine and I
_dsc3224_copy a waste of cheese but pretty! 

Then it was home to change into jeans and Storm baseball shirt (outfit number three!) as Team Mom.
_dsc3350 Mom with Jeans and Sunflower Seeds
_dsc3351 Isn’t that seed flying out of my mouth attractive? 
_dsc3345 Serious Baseball Mom

So which one of these outfits suit me best?………………..All of them.  I love to be the athletic girl, then the girly girl and back to baseball mom.  Why can’t we all wear 20 outfits.  And I wonder why I have so much laundry! 

Truthfully maybe my favorite is the pajamas I have on right now (birthday suit……………KIDDING!)  Now that is a scary thought.  These pajamas represent the end of my day, the putting away of all the outfits and hopefully another job well done.  What outfit do you wear best?