When I am asked to photograph someone I feel privileged and honored that someone trusts me to capture their essence and personality.  When Eric Burton, a local musician called me last week to photograph him and his daughter and also him for his new CD Cover I was excited and nervous! 

This is my second time photographing them and Hope is the best subject.  She is adorable, funny and is a beautiful person.  Everyone who comes in contact with her has an instant smile.  And the bond that she has with her Daddy is undeniable.  I love the way she grips on to her dad any time she is near him and the love in his eyes is tangible when he looks at her.  How could I not capture that?  Then I start to think, what if I don’t capture it?  Then I feel sick and wonder what the heck I am doing!  OK, then I breath and remember this is what I love and they trust me. 

So here is what I captured of them………….Full Session can be viewed HERE:

Then it was on to that CD Cover and I had a moment of panic when he said "You are the photographer, what do you think?".  Think!  Oh man, no one told me I had to think on this job.  But once we got into it there was no need to think.  He is a dynamic, talented and modest guy who was easy to photograph and is reluctantly letting me share 10 of my favorite shots:

Check out his Music HEREHe has a new CD in the works.

Thank you Eric and Hope!  I told Eric when he makes the big time he cannot forget the little people………..