Relay73 more days until I Walk in the Relay for Life!  The closer it gets the more excited I get and I want to thank those who have donated to support me.  I am happy to say that I have over half way to my goal of $500 but who are we joking here.  Last hear I raised over $1200 which you can read about HERE.  Last year my initial goal was $100 because I did not know what I was personally capable of.  I was underestimating myself which is typical. It is so easy to doubt ourselves until we put ourselves out there and really try.  So $500 is NOTHING!  I am proud to do it!  Nothing is easy but it is easy to step outside myself and do something that gives back. It is not much but every little bit counts.

So thanks everyone for making me see that little 'ole me is capable of so much more!  And….this is so much more than just walking.  The good news is I am in training!  Ok, not really training but motivated to move my rear!  If you don't have something that interests you boy do I suggest the local track.  I swear it is a great place to go early in the morning, clear the head and just feel good.  Sunday I was back at it for 4 miles and got in 3 miles yesterday………


I had this discussion with friends that we so often take the road of doubt and I have tried to dedicate my life to motivate and inspire those around me and it is time I follow my own advice.  I found it is much easier to dish it out but when you have to listen to yourself not so easy.  Especially when you are an artist.  It is a lot easier to say "I am a doctor who is trying to fight cancer"….but I am finding great pride in saying "I am an Artist who is walking a few laps to fight cancer".  It is what I can personally do.  The alternative would be saying "I am sitting on my ass for…………". Whatever your cause or passion is, time to invest in YOU!  No more sitting on my ass. 

I will be walking May 12-13th and will be moving my rear. I would be happy to walk a few laps for you.  Any and all support means a lot to me. Donations can be made to my personal page by clicking HERE:

I thank you  and would be happy to walk in honor of those in your heart….EMAIL me and I will include them on my list.  I have raised $260 to DATE!!!  My goal is $500 and I know I can do more!…….. stepping out of myself and doing this means all the world to me.  It so much more than walking for me……


"I wont be inspired until I belive I an be the one who inspires" ~Jessica Simpson