Right now I am looking at an office that is knee deep in new goodies.  So many wonderful opportunities have come my way and I feel blessed each and every day.  And for those who think I am always organized, take a look at this:Dsc_5523 Dsc_5524

Today I watched Oprah and it was about happiness.  We all took this survey to see how happy we are.  I scored a 33 out of 35 and was not surprised how happy I am with my life.  Ask yourself, so what is there to be so happy about?  Where do I begin… my family, my home that we have toiled to make perfect for us (not anyone else), my health and fitness, my creativity (which I express each and every day), and my dear friends (who keep me sane and smiling).  What about the small things; a perfect lilly pad in a pond, running the basesDsc_5281_2 with Joey’s baseball team, matching Easter dresses (Micky and Kayla), naps, chocolate, taking pictures and living in each moment.   I feel blessed to have found this contentment at age 30-something (no need to go there).

Today I had a rather long day working my other job keeping the books for the general contractor.  He is opening a motorcycle repair/retail shop so I was there setting things up and trying to get things in line to keep those books.  I feel very overwhelmed but I try to remember to keep this job in perspective.  It is another thing that makes me happy, stretches my mind, another social network and I get paid. 

Tomorrow the kids are going here and there so Pete and I can go hiking before I put some more hours in at work.  Having this great network of friends to trade kids with is so wonderful.  This is my first time experiencing it.  The boys are headed to Victoria’s and Micky goes to Janine’s.  Another reason to be happy…my kids found wonderful friends as well.  I hope this got you thinking!