Today was Opening Day for Soccer and boy did it welcome us with a heat wave!  It was well over 100 degrees and I felt sorry for those kiddos but they handled it like troupers.  I am proud to have two Goalies in the family. 

Game 1 Highlights – Joey's team won and it was a good one.  JoJo played Goalie in the second half and Mom waited on the sidelines for him to pass out in that long sleeved shirt.  He held his own and not one goal got past him!  


Joey_Soccer3 copy  

Game 2 Highlights – Tyler's team had a tough one.  They lost but I think they were too hot to notice as their game was at 1 pm. 



It was another proud mom moment!  I am really looking forward to this season and it is even better than Tyler gets to have his best friend on his team.