Today we spent the day at the soccer fields.  It was an exciting day for the kids in sports.  Tyler played his best friends team and Tyler played goalie for the second half.  I was so nervous for him.  We needed up winning 5-1 and one goal was scored on Tyler by his best buddy of all people (so that was ok). 

He did great!
_twb1150 _twb1151
_twb1156 _twb1160
_twb1162 _twb1176

Joey played next and they won!
_twb1181 _twb1186
_twb1192_2 _twb1187

Last but not least was Michaela and they tied 5-5
_twb1198 _twb1200
_twb1205_2 _twb1211
_twb1217 Soccer_

I do have to say that watching Tyler play is so different than the twins. I came home with a pounding headache from the 5-7 coaches and dads yelling at the top of their lungs trying to keep eight 6-year-olds in their positions.  It is more of a chaotic cluster of kids around the ball and a bunch of men yelling on the sidelines.  I think ear plugs may be in order next time.  All-in-all it was a fun day.  Sunday we hit the baseball fields.