I know I keep going on about soccer but it seems to be a big part of our lives this week.  We had a game every night!  And good 'ole Mother Nature decided to return to summer weather in SoCal so it was HOT!  I know that being from Detroit I should never go there about weather but come on already. I am ready for pants and flip flops.  I am ready to put my Christmas lights up in the sun with a cool breeze.  I am ready to see storm clouds roll in only to drop four drops on my head and cause massive traffic because no one knows what that strange wet stuff is falling out of the sky.  I know that life sounds very rough for me.  Your sympathy means a lot. 

For my creative followers please do not lose hope.  I am picking out the glue from under my nails right now.  I have been asked to be a guest blogger on Creating Keepsakes Magazine this week so I have been busy completing my project for my deadline Monday.  I will make sure to post the project and the blog post when it goes live.

So I leave you with soccer highlights.  Joey lost their first game last night but came back today with a 10-1 win.  He played great as goalie and if it weren't for a one-on-one penalty kick would have had a shut out! 
Tyler's team also won today and it was their first win.  Tyler had a great half at goalie and then came out in the second half determined to score.  He was more aggressive than I had ever seen but unfortunately did not score.  He had one of those 'agony of defeat' moments pounding the ground in aggravation. 

So what does Micky do……..cartwheels.

What does mom do…………..sweats and complains about the heat of course.