Online registration for Ocean of Colors, our 45th Annual SDP International Conference & Expo, will open on Thursday, December 8!

The Conference Special Book is the student’s guide to classes and events at Oceans of Color. Everyone will be able to access a free PDF copy of the Conference Special on the SDP website .  I am excited to announce that I am part of TWO DecoArt, Inc. Workshops.  The first is a Special Event with Andy Skinner:



The second is my Mixed Media Workshop.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


This is very excited and I am excited to be part of this event!  Seats are limited!

The minute you understand that you can be weird and mold life your own way, you allow yourself to shake off the erroneous notion that life is just there, and that you’re just going to exist in it, rather than embrace it, change it, improve it, and truly live it.”