I am proud to have participated in the 44th Annual Society of Decorative Painters Show last week in San Diego, CA.  I cannot begin to tell you just how fortunate I feel to learn, grow and expand as an artist from this group.  Thank you to DecoArt, Inc. and Turtle Hollow for the opportunity.  There is no better way to show off this entire past week then this slide show HERE……

There are so many great memories from this show….here are just some snippets..


Special thanks goes to this lady, Nadine who heads up sales at CHA.  She makes things happen and happy to call her friend.  Also happy she will be the first smiling face everyone will meet at Ministry of Mixology in October.  That is the welcome you will not forget! (plus she has a way of keeping me together).


Special thanks goes to everyone who came by our booth, who asked questions, who wanted to see more and more. To Decoart, Inc. for their wonderful range of products that I had the pleasure of sharing.  To the ladies of Turtle Hollow who welcome me, challenge me and are just a pleasure to work with.  To SDP and CHA, thank you for everything.  This is one of the most hard working and giving group of people I know.

If you would like more information on the Society of Decorative Painters please visit their website.  Also make sure to check out the chapter(s) closest to you!

Save the Date for SDP 2017 which is in Daytona, Florida!


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