I made two trips in May with DecoArt, Inc.  One was to St. Charles, IL for the Society of Decorative Painters Conference.  It is their annual Show and I was thrilled to have this opportunity!  It was a pleasure to see so many from the Creative Painting Show I did in Las Vegas earlier this year!  As always the booth starts like this…


and magically transitions to this!


I had the pleasure of working with Doxie Keller and Sandy once again…they are two dynamos in the Decorative Painting world and it is a pleasure to listen and learn from them…


Doxie along with these two lovely ladies have been to all  43 conventions!


My Mixed Media demonstrations were the highlight of the show for me as I do love my job!


I got to work, hang out, and meet the most creative people!!


I also got a visit from my parents who were more then proud to see their daughter working.  That was an awesome treat for me to have a piece of home being so close to Michigan and being on the road for two weeks!


So what did I take away from this show….when Doxie says to paint outside of the Box….she really means on the box, on wood, etc.  I did just that and had a great time!


and it felt great to see the DecoArt Mixed Media rack looking bare upon my departure.   That is a nice feeling!  Thanks to Turtle Hollow, our DecoArt partnering retailer for being so fun to work with!

SDP8The best way to summarize the entire event is in pictures HERE………..

Thank you to all who made this such a wonderful experience.  I already am looking forward to the next Show!  Thank you DecoArt for this creating opportunity!

It’s never too late to live a day that makes you proud.  If you don’t learn anything else from this post, learn that.  We get one shot at the present and we can make it great.  Today is the day!  There’s no age limit on changing your course, and to settle in and be stuck in a life that isn’t authentic is a tragic waste.  Honestly, it’s never too late or too early to be who you are capable of being.  There’s no perfect time – you can simply start and stop whenever you want.  You can change or stay the same.  You can make the best or the worst of today.  It’s up to you, so make the best of it.  Do things that startle you.  Feel things you’ve never felt before.  Spend time with people who help you grow.  Live a life you’re proud of.  And if you find that you’re not, have the courage to change things.