Inspired_LogoSo as most of you know my life is about art and I feel best when I am creating, gluing, painting, drawing and even coloring in a color book.  And most of all I love to share it with others.  Whether it is a nice gathering of friends in my studio or going to CHA and teaching a class or make 'n take that is what it is all about. 

Working with Helmar USA, Inc. is a dream come true where work meets up with my passion.  New opportunities are coming my way and frequently I pinch myself to make sure it is real.  I have hung out with the neatest of neat people, talked art with the artsiest of folks and shared numerous gluing techniques with fellow eager crafters. 

So it is so great to share my big news.  I have been asked to teach a workshop at Donna Downey's Inspired Event in May 2010!  This is a gathering of art fanatics such as myself in North Carolina.  I am excited for so many reasons.  I get to be there teaching about my favorite adhesives and art mediums and it is in North Carolina where my brother and family live. 

I swear I look at that list of artists and wonder if anyone can even pronounce Tracy Weinzapfel.  This is an opportunity to take our show on the road and show off our great adhesives.  I also am excited to mix business and pleasure and hang out with the likes of Donna Downey, Stacey Julian, Pam Garrison, Suze Weinberg……..and that only names a few AND….I get to hang out with all the Inspired attendies!

So please check out my Workshop.


Mini workshop sign-ups go live March 1, 2010.  My two workshops are Thursday and Saturday from 9:30-10:30 pm so I hope those artists are ready for a dose of me at that time.  I can foresee lots of "Awake" tea for that evening.  I cannot wait.  I am truly feeling Inspired.