We have a special Thank You to extend to my parents…….2 months ago they got off the plane and since then it has been one crazy thing after another.  They have been a ton of support, help, and downright kept things going around here.  A lot has happened and we both want to thank you.  Maybe the highlight was going to Brunch last Sunday and taking that time to reflect….


You two are such an example for us……

Brunch1and as we start out on our new normal we thank you…


Your Grand-kids thank you Mom for taking each them out for their days shopping and dining with you.  You now how to make them all feel special.  Oh yeah and me too!


One other thing…thanks Dad for all those late nights…….and for our new sparkly bathtub.


Yeah………I have the two greatest parents….



John and I both know that!



Thank you and thanks for being part of this wild ride.  The list goes on and on of things we could thank you for but I know you know.  There just is no way to put it all in words that seem to do the Thank you justice.

I can only imagine the return to Michigan in 4 degrees and snow how welcoming that was.  We miss you. ♥

We all want to achieve success, but we need to remember that success in not a specific achievement.  Success is not crossing over some arbitrary finishing line.  It’s the ability to fight the good fight day in and day out.  Success is strength – the strength to keep pushing and to keep living your life on your own terms.  Success isn’t an end result.  It’s a state of being.  You don’t win success.  You are a success every day.”