So right now I am a one-woman juggling act and loving every minute of it.  I am kind of like that nut trying to spin lots of plates at one time.  Since returning from CHA lots has been happening and new opportunities seem to be shining through.  Time to dig my heels in and start being creative.  I am grateful to see those plates spinning but decided I need to scale back on a few things to balance it all out.

Micky was sick yesterday so JoJo was solo at preschool for the first time.  He had a great day and the teacher said he was overly concerned about doing Micky’s work to keep her up-to-speed.  Gotta love that he is thinking of her when she is not around.  I have noticed a maturity in him especially since baseball started.  He is so overly anxious for practice that he is ready to get those baseball pants on 12 hours before practice.  This is quite a change from the first practice where I practically had to hold him down and straddle him to get those pants on.  Thankfully he opened up and let me know he was scared.  I think after seeing Tyler’s nose get broke he was a bit gun-shy.  He was relieved when I grabbed my mitt and told him I would stand out there with him if I needed to.  Thankfully when we got there he did not need me.  The thought of them announcing "At 2nd Base, JoJo and his Mom" seeming a bit much.  A mom has to do what a mom has to do.  If it means becoming a 2nd basemen I would do it.

Thankfully today everyone was well and I even got back to the gym.  I have new projects to share but have to wait until I mail them to my friend.  I made baby pages for her new son’s album.  I only promised those a few months ago.  Hopefully they will be worth the wait.