When we get to the end of a season this mom is DONE!  I used to be that team mom who threw the parties, brought in those baseball cupcakes and was sad to see the season end.  Now it seems like we just transition into the next and there is no rest for the weary!  I would have it no other way!

This Rampage Travel Season has been a tough one but the girls did their best…..



Joey just completed his second year of basketball and yet again poor Joey was joking about their not so hot record but he did have fun….



and Tyler just finished his JV Soccer season…..


So proud of them all and happy to be able to catch as many games as I can.  You should see my calendar.  It looks like a rainbow of colors for each of them (and YES I really do keep a color coded calendar for each person LOL).

Happy to find out this week that Tyler made the Varsity Track team in Pole Vault again and that season starts Thursday.  Micky starts her new Rampage Travel Ball season in April, and Joey started soccer today!  PHEW!

Bring it on……………………………this soccer mom has the blankets, chairs, coolers and snacks packed and ready to travel!

"The number one thing you need to convince yourself of is that you CAN do whatever you seek to accomplish.  If there are skills you must have, you can learn them.  If there are resources you need, you can locate them.  Your beliefs and commitments drive possibility into otherwise difficult situations.  Convince yourself to achieve, and you will find a way to get there."