My life as a soccer mom never seems to end but I would not have it any other way (ok, yes I secretly love those rare days practice is cancelled) but we have come to the end of some very exciting seasons.  Micky finished her travel basketball season with TWO nail biting wins to put them in the playoffs.  They ended the season 4-4 which is great for their first year!


Joey also ended his soccer season and they were UNDEFEATED the entire season!  Also every kid on the team scored at least once!  The coach was great and Joey loved this season.  He played goalie half of every game (which he likes) and got to play offense which he loves.


and Tyler ended his track season by making the Varsity team and prelims but that was the end of his season…

This past weekend was the first weekend in a long time I was not off to see sport after sport.  Very proud of all three of them!  I will not have too long to rest because travel soccer starts this summer.  This soccer mom is gassed up and ready to travel.  For now I just take in the little time off I have.


"A genuine talent finds its way" ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe