What a week it has been since I have been back!  Finally recovering from that darn pneumonia bout and happy to be back being mom!  My parents left so I am back to carpooling and getting the kids where they need to be.  So thankful for that time they were here to be with them and help us all out (we miss them!).  I have been especially happy to return to the kid's games.  I hate to miss any of those. 

Tyler is nearing the end of his season playing high school Freshman Soccer and I have loved seeing the games.  It has not been the season with the most wins but I was very proud of how Ty played along with his grades while balancing everything……

Joey also has had a tough season on the courts but love watching how far he has come in his first season…..

Now Micky who I never expected to take to basketball has had a great season with her team.  Love her coach and the girls have come together.  Friday night Micky was up sick with a fever so Saturday I doubted she would played.  But she told me she wanted to go despite not feeling well because there was the chance they could forfeit if someone did not show.  Sure enough, had she not gone they would of had to forfeit and she had to play all all four quarters since they only had five players.  Boy did those girls play their hearts out!  They won AND Micky had the best game ever!  I swear every time I looked she was scrapping on the court off her feet! 

and she was playing against her good friend here!

She scored the last two baskets to seal the deal.  I was so proud of her! 

The coach came up to me to commend me for bringing her and I told her that was all her.  She truly is a team player!  (Mommy could have been home in jammie's LOL).  Great to have those proud mommy moments!  What a way to start a good long weekend with the kids.  We are back to home-cooked meals (well as home cooked as I can do) and even playing that dreaded taxi driver.  I would not trade that job in for the world!


"Strength shows now only in the ability to persist, but the ability to start over" ~Unknown