Just another day at the ballpark and the basketball courts.  First off, big congrats to the Shooters.Dsc_3998  Tyler’s basketball team won their final game to end their season 9-1 and League Champs!  Great job.Dsc_4004 

From there we went to Joey’s game.  There is a whole new intensity to Joey brought on by baseball.  Check out his concentration.  The best is the intensity of his running.  We are not quite sure who this little guy is any more.    But weDsc_4007 sure are loving watching his love for the game.  The STORM had a great game.  The best was when they lined up to give high fives and one of the boys says "This is the best part of the whole game".  How cute!

Last but not least we went toDsc_4115 Tyler’s baseball game.  This one did not go as well.  They lost 11-0.  The 10-run rule came into play so that is never a good thing.  Those boys did not have their mojo today and their coach had a great talk with them after-wards.Dsc_3978

What was  Micky doing during all this…being the glam girl she is.  She eats her sunflower seeds and roots her big brothers on.  What a trooper.  I think she wishes she were out there and I would not be surprised if I was signing her up next year. 

Another great day enjoying America’s favorite past time and Pete was there to share in the fun.  We capped off the day with dinner at Chili’s.  All are totally exhausted and in bed.  Sunday (my favorite day of the week) is our day of R & R.  I hate this whole "Spring Forward" Deal.  I hate losing that one hour at 2 am.  Some of us don’t like to lose a valuable hour.