The weekend is over.  Today we stuck true to our "7th Day of Rest" Theme.  We did absolutely nothing.  We needed this day after yesterday.  We pretty much camped out at the baseball fields.  It is so great Dsc_6038_3 having Pete off on Saturdays so we can tag team at both fields.  I am happy to say that Tyler’s team won!  He has yet to get some good hitting going but after some private coaching from his coach on Friday his confidence was back up.  He did have a walk so we got to seem some great stealing.  Way to go Tyler! 

Last night we finished off our day by having dinner with friends.  There were 6 adults and 9 children!  The kids had a great time and it was fun seeing all the age groups sitting together.  Other than the older boys daring one another to eat hot peppers it was pretty quiet.  What a crack-up seeing these boys eating hot peppers before their drinks came!  I guess that is what you get when you get three 9-year olds together. 

I received my first box of Scrappin Sports goodies so I will be working on my May projects the coming weeks.  I got some great gymnastics stuff so I will be sitting in on Micky’s class this week to get some current photos.   I am also gearing up to welcome some friends over to celebrate National Scrapbook Day and my birthday this coming weekend.  I am excited about that.  Isn’t it only fitting that NSD falls on or near my birthday?