Last week was spring break took the kiddos away for a mini trip to visit our great friends, Fred, Melissa & Parker.  They are great friends for so many reasons.  Melissa and I have known one another for over 15 years! (ugh…that makes us sound old!). She is the kind of friend I may not see for 6 months but the second we around one another we start talking as if we saw one another yesterday.  She is such a special friend to me. I also take credit for her and her hubby meeting so I love that I have that AND…………..I am Parker's Godmother and I just adore her!  Those special bonds have kept us close and they invited us up to visit them.  And when I say us…I mean ALL of us, The Furball included.

I was nervous about taking Penny on her first road trip but she was GREAT!  In fact on the way home I was not sure who was more sad, Penny or us!  She had two little buddies to play with, Dusty and Tiger so she was in dog heaven.  PLUS, she literally made herself right at home and had her own place on the couch! 

We managed to pack in a lot for the kids and Melissa and I enjoyed the time too!!  Of course she rolled the red carpet out for my arrival, I mean the red margurita machine which is even better……


We hit Sky High for some trampoline jumping, had art time, rode scooters, swam, and even made desserts!  We sure know how to pack it in!  a slide show recap (sorry Fred, I did not get one photo of you!) 

A very special thank you to our great friends…we love you guys and miss you already!  We hated the good-byes! 

IMG_2061a IMG_2063a

It was sad driving back south and cannot wait to see you all again soon!


"The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've had." ~Author Unknown