Create a simple floral watercolor art journal piece with a handful of supplies, like a pen and a few watercolor paints. This will take you less than 30 minutes to make, and is super easy to pull together. This one is easy, peasy, light, and squeezy – perfect for spring!

watercolor floral art tutorial

First, tape off your art journal page with some painter’s tape around the border. Grab a black liner permanent pen and just sketch some flowers onto your art journal page. 

draw flowers with pen in art journal

Add some water to your petals with a round brush. Then, just dot some watercolor paint onto each petal and watch as it spreads. You can also blend it with your brush a bit as well. The color follows that water! I am using purple, blue, and red.

adding paint to watercolor flowers

Next, I’ll take some light green watercolor paint and add the stems, grass, and leaves to my flowers.

add grass, leaves, and stems to your watercolor flowers

Grab a fan brush and we’ll add a little bit of splatter to our art piece with some watercolor yellow paint and teal paint. Mix your paint with water and tap your brush against a pen above your paper. I’d like my splatter to be a little more “watercolor-y”, so I’m going to mist them with some water. Let dry or dry it with a heat gun.

Take your pen and add some doodle details! I’m outlining my petals, coloring in that flower center, and adding some petal lines. I’m also outlining my leaves and adding some details there. 

Next, I’m taking a little bit of white acrylic paint and adding some dots to my flower centers.

finishing off your art journal piece

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