So today we set out to spring clean the kiddo's rooms.  It was time to dig out those socks from under the bed, shift the short-sleeved shirts with the long sleeve shirts, and get rid of those toys that the kids have outgrown.  Many people say they cannot get rid of things with their kids but thankfully mine have inherited my need for no clutter.  In fact, I have to stop them from being so generous and giving things away to the "kids who will use them". 

We started in Micky's room and she was more than willing to give away the bank.  Drawer by drawer and shelf by shelf we bagged and trashed things.  Then we came to the infamous Disney VHS tapes.  They are a big piece of us. All the memories of of those movies flooded back.  I remember the days of watching the "Jungle Book" over and over again with Tyler.  Micky just loved those Princess movies and Joey re-enacted the Toy Story movies.  But we don't even have a VHS player handy so it was time to box them up.  I have to say that a piece of me went in those boxes and I realized this is a piece of their childhood I will not get back. 
_TWB8774 Robin Hoot, Mary Poppins, UGH
_TWB8775Dumbo…..Tigger Movie, Oh help ME!

But then I took a step back and took stock in all the "stuff" we cleared out and that is just giveaway…

Then we went back into the kid's room and basked in our hard work.  They have nice clean rooms with lots more space.  Micky was very excited about her new reading corner.  

and as for me…… is hard to think my babies are growing up but I am fine with keeping the memories close to my heart.  We even found a place for them to go to benefit our school.  And for you smart-alects who email me and suggest keeping the movies and just having more kids…save your typing!  Remember, I drop kids in doubles!  Out with the old and in with the new!