The CHA trade show had lots of highlights and so many fun moments.  One of those highlights was having Stacy Julian stop by with Big Picture Scrapbooking teacher Tami Morrison.  I have always been a big fan of Stacy's work and her committment to this industry.  So when she stopped by to give Helmar adhesives a test I have to admit I was a bit nervous.  Nothing like demonstrating your products to one of your inspirations. 

TWB_8355 copy

 But never let them see you sweat!

TWB_8357 copy

IMG_0299 copy

She was very nice and what I loved about her is she knows what she likes.  She wants a good quality adhesive that is easy to use and she found it. (She was happy to find a replacement for the Kukoya adhesive). I was happy to see that shortly after she stopped by she listed her new favorite adhesive "from down under" on Facebook and Twitter!




We did have a little laugh that her photo of the Liquid Scrap Dots is missing one valuable letter LOL.  Therefore we do need to clarify that Helmar sells Liquid Scrap Dots and not "Liquid Crap Dots".

Thank you Stacy and Tami for stopping by and taking the time to test our products.  We are proud of the top quality and easy products Helmar makes!

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As nervous as I was I was happy to share my love of adhesives with someone who feels the same!