I am so proud of Mick!  Not because she stood up in front of her whole school and sang "Over the Rainbow" but because she did it all on her OWN!  From the permission slip, to getting the music, to the dress rehearsal…she did it all herself.  I am so NOT a stage mom because truth be told I sweat every time my kids do anything but she so wanted this. 

So this Stage Mom is beaming with pride and joy watching her little girl get up there and sing in front of her peers……..something I so wish I had the guts to do.

and then in the evening in front of parents!


with out further ado I bring you my own little Judy Garland 🙂

She truly makes me want to step up more and put myself out there and sing my own song.  Thank you little girl for inspiring me in so many ways!


"Never stop learning from your children.  I learn more from mine the older they get." ~ Gayle King