So I hope Carey does not think she will go unmentioned as I know we are true BFF's.  We also had the pleasure of hanging out with my favorite beach photographer Carey Schumacher of San Diego Barefoot Memories.  This no-nonsense girl tells it like it is and I know secretly yearns to be our BFF.  Ok, more like Kelly and I stalk her but isn't that the same?

I mean, this is a look that only a true friend would give you, right?  and look at that hair!


I mean truly Kelly and I get that Carey wants to be in the circle but we have to vote on it and all.  I mean now that we are both in her iphone and everything.  So Kelly, let's meet on the inner circle this week and see if we let her in.


Wouldn't you agree that the looks she gives us now is far healthier than our first meeting.  We had to tell her this time to reign in the affection and I can see that it is hard for her.