Do you ever hear the saying that thing when things fall apart…..or in my case….


sometimes it takes some stitches, staples and bumps to remind you……
IMG_1327that it is time to stand back up!


I am back up and ever thankful for the care I received, the love I was shown and the reminder that you get back what you give out….to my fella who said I looked beautiful every day and to this lovely lady and friend who helped me laugh every step of the way……(forever thankful for the sponge bath)

FullSizeRenderHumor is my forever friend and laughter truly is the best medicine.  To my Village who stepped in on carpools and had plenty of funny nicknames for me;

  • Concussion Muffin
  • Headwound Harriott
  • Blunt Force Mama
  • Contusion Susan

Funny how I like to go through life and not be taken care of, nor make a big deal but prefer to be the caregiver.  When it was needed I was so cared for and would do the same for those I love.  I know that every day you are given is an opportunity to start over.  Time to return to enjoying the journey and cherish those around me.  I am forever thankful for the relationships I have……through life and through my art. Art

Have a great weekend!