I am aways telling people to create outside their comfort level and leave the box behind.  Today I did just that and took a class with Dina Wakley at Stamping Details.  She is amazing and I really enjoyed the class (despite by moaning about painting a face).  It was not easy! but so fun and she does not allow moaning or self-deprocating.  She kept repeating that.  I enjoyed the techniques I learned to incorporate them in my own style of art (and no I am not going to be a portrait painter any time soon LOL!)

First I will share my completed project and now kind of happy I forgot to photograph hers so I cannot compare it!!  Remember first time for a face and although I am not blown away I don't feel the need to blow it up…


Dina had lots of great techniques and here was some of my progress along the way…


Sometimes you get stuck in your own little box and it is important to always keep learning and trying new techniques as an Artist!  She was a fun teacher and I am so glad I took the class (Thank you DiAnn Ogawa for encouraging me to do so and take some time for me!)!  Thank you Dina!



This was a great way to start my Staycation and do something for myself to grow as an Artist! 


"We all have a genius within us and when one of us doesn't develop or use our special gift, a cosmic void takes place…Explore these riches that are yours to express, and you may find yourself helping others discover and develop their own blessings."