Today was another busy day in our house.  This morning we signed the check to start the kitchen remodel!  We finalized the plans/dimensions and all the custom things we want.  I am very excited that is a go! 

Then I was hired to take family portraits of a family at our local park.  It was a ton of fun.  My friend’s daughter is a quick one and we were concerned she would not want to be a part of the pictures.  I immediately engaged her and asked her to be my assistant.  This was great idea becuase I was able to get a ton of great photos of her.  I also was able to speed home and unload the photos to deliver them right away before I am gone for the week.  Being the crazy perfectionist I am I wanted them all to turn out but I took over 150 and they got lots of great family shots.  It was enjoyable.  I was happy that she liked the phtos. 

I finished the day by packing up and paying all the bills.  Then we sat down to watch the Padres game AND the Chargers game.  They came on at the same time.  Pete was in hog heaven watching both his teams.  The Padres lost but the Chargers won.  The good thing is we still have those Detroit Tigers to root on!

I am also finalized that schedule for Pete.  He has it all down on the list and should be fine. I was excited to see this Newsletter from Helmar:  Download Helmar_Newsletter_Memory_Trends.eml.  They made reference to me and that is pretty darn exciting.  I guess I better go practice that Make ‘n Take one more time before I go.  I have the butterflies in my belly already…..did I forget anything, will Joey be sad, will Tyler remember his glasses, will I miss them a ton.  The answer is:  If I forgot it I can buy it, Joey will be fine, Tyler can live without those glasses and YES I WILL MISS THEM.