Do you ever feel like you are trying to find yourself in your Art?  That is what this creative journey in my Creative Journal feels like.  Do I prefer a certain medium?  What am I comfortable sharing or drawing?  What are my favorite colors?  What mood am I in?  Who am I today?  I have always worked on scrapbook layouts of my kids, sports, friends, relatives.  They were a recollection of that event, a picture of that moment with my kids, family, etc. that I cherished but not necessarily a reflection of me.  They gave me the date, the event, the facts which don't get me wrong I am happy I have and I love doing.  But this Creative journal is from within me and something I cannot believe I am sharing because sharing yourself is scary!  But I feel good about it (those positive emails are so comforting especially those ones that share who YOU are!)

Interestingly enough I was feeling blue when I created this page in December and I read this saying and booked my family to go volunteer at the Food Bank during the holidays (you can read about that HERE). 
"Many times the best way to get out of the BLUES quickly is to turn our attention to other people in loving service"


On a side note about giving back, recently I signed up to walk the Relay for Life in April in the fight against cancer.  I am excited to share this experience for a good cause with some great friends as our team walks all night.  I also have a great friend, Julie who works tirelessy for this cause and has motivated me to STEP UP!  Thanks Julie for the Inspiration!  I am not great at asking for donations but if you wish to support me and more importantly this great cause you can donate direct HERE and I will walk my rear off!:


Any Amount you choose to donate I GREATLY appreciate!  I will make sure to share this adventure.

This page was fun because I was playing with Helmar Fabric Stiffener  I freely cut out those petals from some material I picked up at our local quilting store and dipped them into the Fabric Stiffener.  I so love the look and feel of this page.
"We are used to analyzing why we are unhappy, but taking the time to contemplate y our happiness is important too"


What I love about this journal is my chance to try new things play, and just be ME.  Also, it is about finding inspiration all around me!


What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.  ~John Updike