The laid plans never go the way you think and Saturday was a down day in the Studio Remodel which really drove me nuts.  The clutter in the living room is clearly getting to me but some peaceful moments in my Studio Saturday morning had me more then ready to see the yellow go goodbye as I sipped my early morning tea awaiting the painters…..


That painter never showed up after he was hired and confirmed.  I was left high and dry with no painting on Saturday.  It was time to regroup and figure out Plan B where I went to Lowe’s and got all the stuff to paint which I was not too happy about as you can tell……Pretty ironic that a painter does not like to paint but that is a whole different animal!


Thankfully Plan C came into play and Sunday was a whole new day of painting!  Thanks to Ryan who came through on a Sunday to take this side job and paint an Artist’s Studio!  I pretty much scared him at the door at 9 am so thrilled to see him.  I am not sure he gets that welcome from everyone.  I was actually posting a video update to my Facebook wall when he arrived so you can see the reaction I had here:  Happy dance….the painter is here! Day 4 Studio Remodel update LIVE! As the new painter arrives! It’s a whole new day!

New colors have entered the Studio!  I was happy to see it come alive throughout the day…


As you can see grey and turquoise are my new choices.  Grey for the positives of being photograph friendly and turquoise because well….it makes me happy!  I just needed that accent wall!  Here is a sneak peek and will share more once it comes together and the lighting is better…


Now we are ready for cabinets and counters which are scheduled for today and tomorrow and then the task of moving everything back lies ahead.  I look forward to that process of deciding what really is useful and makes me happy.  This is my creative space and one I miss greatly. I have decided the fastest way to torture an artist is to box up their brushes, pack up their paints and pile it up in the living room!

Stay tuned for more and I will continue to update with videos on my twStudios Facebook Wall.  I love all the feedback and comments as things happen.  It sure is fun to keep a video diary of things….

What you have to be grateful for in the present changes. Be grateful for all you have now, because you honestly never know what will happen next.  What you have will eventually be what you had.  Life changes every single day, and your blessings will gradually change along with it.”