I started my Storage Tip feature yesterday and I am excited to share my next favorite storage tip idea….VIEWTAINERS!  Clear, plastic, inexpensive, and non-spillable.  I used to keep my ribbons, buttons, etc. in glass mason jars and I learned all too quick that if you drop them (even on carpet) they can and WILL break!

I found Viewtainers and many storage solutions were solved!


Yes…this is my actual button (LOVE you Buttons Galore & More) drawer:



Also, all my travel art items are in Viewtainers:



Paint brushes (which also are handy to grab for travel):



Do not get me started on my flower storage!  I have TONS of RIBBON and twine!



So needless to say it was no surprise when Creative Keepsakes featured them from my studio in Creative Spaces Vol. 2



Very proud to work with them and THEY ARE MADE IN THE USA!!  WHOOP!  Plus they are sponsoring my March Creative Dare and are offering 20% off with the code twstudios20 THIS MONTH at www.viewtainer.com!  My Dad has them ALL OVER his workshop too!  

Thank you so much for the emails asking for more pictures and storage tips.  I always told my mom this OCD would be a good thing!  Great when I can use it for good vs. evil.  Stay tuned for more Studio Storage Tips!

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