Let’s make a mixed-media art piece today with lots of bold acrylic paint colors! We’ll be using lots of fun acrylic paint in this piece along with a stencil and lots of swirl and heart doodles. I love how whimsical and colorful this art journal page turned out, and I think you will love making this too!

mixed media flower art

First, tape off the edges of your art journal page with painter’s tape. Then, apply a coat of DecoArt Chalky Gesso (White) to your page. This preps and primes your paper for creating.

I am using Yellow Green Light, Cobalt Teal Hue, and white to paint my background. I am going to add the colors to my background and then I am going to take a baby wipe and dab my paint to create some texture. Dry with a heat tool.

adding color to the background

Next, I am going to paint my flower center and petals with white gesso. My flower is going to be off-centered. Dry with a heat tool.

I am going to use Pyrolle Red, Primary Yellow, Pyrrole Orange, Magenta, and Cobalt Teal Hue to paint each of my petals a different color. Dry with a heat tool again.

painting a flower

I am going to grab my Posca Black Paint Marker and outline my flower petals. Then, I am going to use a liner brush and some black acrylic paint and add some texture lines to each of my flower petals. I’ll also do the same with some white acrylic paint.

I’ll take a small stencil brush and some black ink and dab that around my flower center to give it some shading. Then, I’ll take a teal stamp pad and add some shading around the edge of my paper as well. I have a stencil with circular bubbles and I’ll also stencil a few circles onto my background too.

Adding a stencil to the background

Finally, I’ll grab my liner brush with black acrylic paint and add some fun doodles around my flower – swirls, dots, and some hearts. I’ll also paint the hearts with some red paint. Dry with a heat tool.

I’ll also apply some DecoArt Sealer:  DecoArt Gloss, dry with a heat tool again, and remove my painter’s tape.

finished art piece

Watch the replay below!

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