What a beautiful day at the beach but my sunscreen did not do it’s job (or my uneven application had something to do with it).  I look like a lobster!  It was a completely relaxing day.  I am really beginning to appreciate the beach.  When you have toddlers the beach is such a chore but this year the kids all have their own boogie boards and are even body surfing! Dsc_9897 Their ease in the water just amazes me.  I am taking my camera out this weekend so I will grab some shots of them.  Micky just looks like a California Surfer Girl.  Her mother, on the other hand looks like a lobster. 

So today I mailed out my last box of CHA projects.  One week until I leave.  I made this frame for Scrappin Sports.  I actually hope to work on a few personal projects this week. 

So tonight I went shopping for the dreaded bathinig suit.  I wish guys could experience a few things that us girls have to experience  1) Child bearing  2) PMS and 3) Bathing suit buying.  God love Tyler because I almost locked him in the dressing room tonight.  I was trying on suits and getting his opinion.  He would rate them.  I told him to ignore the sunburn lines of my suit from today because it looked a little funny.  To this he asked about the "fat bumps" on the backs of my legs.  I calmly told him to ignore those too.  Then I looked in the three way mirror and ran back into the dressing room.  That was not the suit for me.  He is lucky I brought him home with me.  Needless to say we chatted about not always telling the truth……especially to PMS girls!