Today was our day of "rest".  OK, there is no such thing.  We took the jet ski’s out to the ocean today.  The sun was shining and the skis were tuned up.  We invited some friend’s of ours to go along.  We have found that having friends for the kid’s keeps them out of our hair and having friends for us keeps us out of their hair.   We call this win-win.  The "new" old ski has some real get-up-and-go and Momma feels the need for speed!  I love the feeling of scaring your off-spring until they scream like little girls (except for the little girl who has the need for speed too!).  She is a girl after my own heart.
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It was a nice day had by all and as I type they are all conked out asleep.  I got my second wind to work in my studio.  Tomorrow I must tackle a much dreaded job…………grocery shopping.  Does anyone hate it as much as me?  Actually, I don’t mind the shopping, I just hate having to bring it home and put it away. Oh well, every day cannot be about sun and sand.