Just another slow Sunday.  The official last day of spring break and the only thing we did was go to Tyler’s baseball practice.  Tomorrow we all arise to our normal busy schedules.  Today was also Pete’s first day on the new job.  We are still beaming with pride for him.

I did survive yesterday with the nine kids.  We even baked a very yummy chocolate cake for Nick’s birthday.  I think the secret of the whole day was running about 3 activities at one time.  I had the girls gluing things in my office, the middle boys played Legos and watched "Planet Earth".  The older boys pretty much stuck to the XBox and playing "Army" outside.  The little one just followed along and tried to keep up.  Minus a few normal kid fights (whose gun is whose and who had the right answer) I survived and returned them all to their parents breathing.  Not too bad.  Dsc_5557

Then Saturday night Shelly and Colleen came over to scrapbook.  This was some nice creative time.  I actually took some time this weekend to work on some pages for a special album I am making.  It was kind of nice to return to scrapping things for me and I got 7 pages done for this album! 

Today we also put the final touches on Tyler’s Mission Project.  Tyler is writing his accompanying report which we will include pictures from our trip to the Mission last week.  It is cool to have pictures of all the things he is writing on. 

Tomorrow I have a special treat just for me.  A friend and I are sneaking away in the morning (kid free) to go to the San Diego Wild Animal park.  We are going to photograph the butterflies and the blooming orchids.  We figured this would be one trip we would take on our own so the kids would not be bored of us aiming our cameras at butterflies and flowers.  I am excited about it.  Two things I love coming together…..being with friends and photographing nature.  Can’t wait Carlene!