So after finally going back and unloading the camera with months of photos I can share some of the fun from this summer.  With the inception of Groupon and Living Social I took advantage of a couple of cheap deals to try new things. One of our highlights was SURFING LESSONS!  I took the kiddos for an afternoon of surfing and we had a blast! 

I do think there is something to be said for being born in San Diego since the kids were just naturals.  This Michigan girl had a much harder time but I did get up (of course no one was blaring a camera at me when I caught the waves)!!  But I absolutely loved watching the kids! 


The best way to share is with a slide show……

Stay tuned for Trapeze Flying Lessons in September with the girls. Now that will be a Kodak moment!  


"Love and Live now – the moments are passing and you will not get that time back" ~Azure Antoinette