Thanks Gayla……..see I do read your blog.  Now I need to remember my password so I can comment!

OK, I’m supposed to tell 5 weird things about myself or my pet and then tag 5 people. Do I have 5 readers? Not sure about that one!

1)  I hate feet!  I was 34 before I wore my first pair of flip flops and I have pretty good feet.  I just hate to see feet!  Birkenstocks top the list of my least favorite shoes! I cannot even tell you what happens to me when I see "7 Eleven" feet.  Sorry Gayla….I hated feet long before I read  you love flip flops!

2)  I love color and LOVE my photography but my walls are white and pretty darn bare!  The few photos that are up are from when Tyler was born!  Literally I am the photographer with blank walls.  I am like the landscaper with the tall grass or the plumber whose shower does not work!  That is all about to change though.  At the end of this month the walls will be painted and color is coming into my life!  AND  I am challenging myself to get those pictures printed up for myself!

3)  I have to rub my feet together every night in order to soothe myself to sleep.  Thankfully I have a husband who does not mind that rubbing noise. 

4)  I cannot concentrate unless there is noise.  That means the TV while I am scrapping, folding laundry, or cleaning the house.  I have the MP3 player on at the gym and hate it when the batteries go out and I have to have the radio when I am driving…..the more noise the better I am.  I enter a room and that TV goes on.  Pete is the opposite.

5)  I am obsessed with counting by fives!  At the gym my reps go to 10 or 15.  Even if I am dying at 13 I make it to 15.  I am always counting in my head by fives.  I guess that is why five is my favorite number.  Look…this one is #5.  I am crazy!

I am supposed to tag 5 people…..OK, I’m tagging Allison, Gail, Alisha, Cindy, Susan and Arleen