Tonight I returned to one of my favorite places………Mt. Everest.  I returned to hiking and lugged all those potato chips, beers, and blocks of cheese I ate on vacation with me.  It felt like it was Mt. Everest since I have not been on the mountain for 2 months.

I dedicate the following post to my friend Kelly who so passionately inspired me to put our Wednesday hikes on my calendar again.  Yep, you remember Kelly, the one who has every excuse in the book not to hike well she wants to hike.  So it is hot and a bit humid (she is a Midwest gal so not sure how she can justify this excuse) however she calls she says it is too just too hot to hike so how about meeting Wednesday morning for a smoothie instead.  Well, being one never to pass up a smoothie with Kelly we met this morning and I suggested we reschedule that hike for the evening.  Sounds reasonable, right and she is on board remember. 

So hold that thought and let’s start our hike……
P8270639 We are headed to the top!
P8270641 Regretting all those chips & Cheese
P8270658 Taking a moment to take it all in and breath!
P8270662 Isn’t that beautiful?

Time to take in the scenery……..(deep cleansing breath in, and release)………
P8270663 P8270668 P8270678 P8270695
OK, enough peace and serenity.  You feel cleansed, right?

Time to jack up that iPod and walk
P8270698 The Peak!  Woo Hoo…..time to run down as the sun is fading.
P8270700 Just in time……another 5 miles under my belt.

So Kelly, thank you for joining me on that hike and taking all those great photos.  WAIT ONE MINUTE!  I am calling you out girl……….right here, right now I am going to expose you. She canceled!  I took that hike for the both of us and in order to make her feel like she was along I documented the whole event with my camera. 

OK, so yes, I did get crazy looks from people when they saw me pointing my own camera at myself but it was worth it, right?  You enjoyed that hike, didn’t you people?  I returned home to shower but decided that self portraits in there would be a bit much.  This concludes my dedication (and the public humiliation). 

And as for you Kelly!  You had better write my name down on Wednesday.  I am sick of looking crazy taking photos myself.  Plus when I started talking to myself and pretending you were there I knew I was taking a dip off the deep end.