take me out to the park….Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks"……..So do you have the song ringing in your ears?  We do!  It was Opening Day for us and it was a busy one!  I was at the fields at 9:30 am and arrived home at 5:30 pm!  It started with decorating trucks and trailers for all the teams to parade it.  I am proud to be involved with some GREAT teams.  My T-Ball team parents have more spirit in them than I have ever seen and the players all pick up on it.  After a late start the parents all kicked in and we decked out the trailer in about 10 minutes!  We have balloons, posters, banners and bubbles!  I am not sure who had more fun the kids or us parents.  I had such a great time!  From there Pete brought Tyler up to the fields for his game (they were at his basketball game).  Don’t you love over-lapping sports?   

Tyler’s game started 1 pm and it was a nail-biter……they pulled it out in the end to take the win.  Woo Hoo!!!!!!  They have lots of little kinks to work out but the win felt good.  I had to leave his game early and did not get to see the come-from-behind win.  I was off to the next game with banner’s and posters in hand (I am like the Energizer Bunny Team Mom).
The twins had their first game at 3 pm.  Oh they were so cute!  I mean, they played a hard game.  I love T-Ball.  Seeing those mad dashes to the ball and seeing the tackling going on to be the one to throw it is so funny.  I love all the grass pulling, dirt digging and pounding on their cups just to see if they work.  I love the sound of the bat hitting the ball, putting on the catcher’s gear on those little guys, the salty taste of the sunflower seeds in my mouth and the chewing tobacco in my cheek (oh wait….skip that last one)  LOL………
Dsc_6636 Dsc_6454 
Today is one of those days I want to clone me and send myself off to tackle half the stuff I did but it all came together.  Our team baskets were auctioned off, all the kids were in the parade and I got all the team banners too and from the fields.  And when I sat on that trailer with those 12 kids and yelled is this fun and they all yelled "YES" with smiles on their faces I would do it all over again.  Job well done.  Being the Team Mom is the best job in the world.  You get paid in smiles and the occasional hug.  Now I am just sinking back into my chair drinking a cup of tea wondering how this day just flew by.  Time to go find that chewing tobacco………..LOL