I had a VERY busy weekend and one that left me happy.  I fit in a lot including some more doodling.  This time I was all about tackling flowers which are my favorite!  I made just a little time to escape into my doodle journal and thought I would share…



Here are my practices…..cutting the pages allows me to get in more practices all in one journal…



The thing I am enjoying about this is I can keep all the simple tools with me which makes it easy…..one Viewtainer makes that all possible to travel around with!  This is the 2.75" X 8" with the tethered lid



Just a little doodling relaxes me and the great thing is I can do it in bed so no excuses not to have the supplies with me.  Loving this form of art.  Thanks Joanne Sharpe!

"Sometimes a little self-invoked humor is all you need to lift your spirits and light the path forward.  Even in your darkest moments, strive to see the lighter side of a situation and crack a smile.  Doing so will help you think positively and reawaken your confidence about all the possibilities that still exist on the road ahead."