Man alive I have been busy!  From morning until night (or actually 1-2 am!) I am on the go.  Between work, the holidays and the kids my cup runneth over.  During this time of running around I am taking the time to take in the fun of the holidays and flat out smile…….

Christmas Choir Concerts….


Little Gifts that appear on my doorstep and under my tree….


A Surprise Elf that decorated our school….

TWB_7213a TWB_7215a 

and this song that really makes me Smile.

First, I love Uncle Kracker!  Second, he is a Michigan boy which we know is near and dear to my heart and it was filmed in my beloved home-state.  Do you see the Faygo he is drinking?  Faygo makes me smile too.  My Faygo Rock 'N Rye will be on it's way this weekend.  My parents make the long haul to deliver the Faygo and see their grandkids. 

Another reason to smile………I will have family and dear friends here to celebrate the holidays.  Hope everyone is finding the time to take it all in.